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Radio in Galaxy S Plus?

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1 Radio in Galaxy S Plus? on Wed 29 Apr 2015 - 11:14


Neo Droid
Hello to everybody,

I installed latest in my Galaxy S Plus, just the rom, NOT the gapps, and it works very nice and smoothly, apart from a couple of freezes (eg when I activated AccuWeather app and wanted to read the terms on privacy, on opening the page the browser froze). Thank you for this awesome rom. It has turned my phone into a new one!

I like this rom very much, and am going to keep it. What I cannot find however is a radio (FM) app, like the one in stock Samsung rom (android 2.3.3). Is radio FM working? Can I download a radio app and have FM radio?

After I install the minimal apps for a functioning phone, I'm going to make a nandroid backup of this slimmed installation and then flash the ultra-slim gapps to see how the phone is behaving with them.

Regards & thanks,


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