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[SOLVED] Music interrupt stop /start /pause issue

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Neo Droid
    Have tried 4 other ROMS and really like this one. Just built it last night. Battery life on my ol' I9000 is a hassle so I'm about to experiment with System Tuner Pro.

I noticed a problem playing my tunes today over Bluetooth in the car when I got interrupts approx one a minute and I also got a couple of pause occurrences. I have not researched any known bugs online and may be a bit premature even mentioning it as it could be bluetooth, or MediaMonkey (my own pref) or a setting on the ROM - I dunno?

Anyway, now that I have mentioned it I better do a little homework and will update here how I get on.


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Wait, new version is going to be available. The, try it and say me if still problem. Happy

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